Saying Good-bye

As a daughter, wife, and mother the words “good bye” flow through our lips daily. I have said “Good-bye” many times not even thinking there might not ever be a “hello” later on. Every day as I say “Good-bye” to my husband and kids I always expect to greet them again later that day. Lately there has been many tragedies in the news, these tragedies have reminded me “Never take “Good-bye for granted.”

I once said “Good-bye” to my son Joseph as I was going to camp for a week. Joseph came in our home with every bad habit imaginable. He was strong willed, defiant, and believed he was in charge. I struggled to love this boy to the point of dropping on my knees and asking God to forgive me. It was then God taught me I could not love in the flesh but only in the Spirit. As I left for camp I said “Good-bye” never thinking it would be the last time we would embrace.

We need to live each day as our last. We need to be a living example of the word as if tomorrow will never come. We are to make sure when our children leave our home they know the truth and the consequence when they disobey it. But most importantly we need to let those who are precious to us, know they are deeply loved not only by us but by our heavenly father.

Our Father loves us so much he said “Good-bye” to his only son to die a painful death on our behalf. He let him go, knowing what he would endure. I cant even wrap my mind around that “Good-bye.” Have you ever thought what they shared before he left? We know he was prepared for his horrific death. As God prepared his son we should always do the same for our family and friends never having regrets they didn’t know Jesus.

When I said good-bye to Joseph I shared my love with him. In the few short years we had together I also shared the love of Christ with him. I am thankful because I will say “hello” again one day in eternity. Never let a day go by without sharing the truth with those around you. Life is something we should never take for granted  aways remembering death lurks right around the corner.

James 4:14

“14 How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

Always live your life like there will be “NO TOMORROW” that way you will never have regrets!

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