Christmas Gifts

Today as I  look out the window and see a wet and rainy day I am reminded Christmas is around the corner. I cant help reminiscing about the many celebrations I have been a part of. Some good, some bad, some happy, and some sad. But today I think about Mary how must she have felt celebrating her son’s birthday knowing one day he would be brutally taken away from her.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with festivities, family, food and kids  filled with joyful excitement. But I confess my heart is no longer in it. I cant help the thought that Jesus was born to die and some how the whole thought of his real purpose gets lost in all the worldly celebration.

As I look at the Christmas cross that hangs in my kitchen I am reminded of the most important gift, the death on the cross. This Christmas I want to serve instead of being served. I want to share instead of hoarding. I want to see instead of being blinded.  I want to love instead of wanting. Lastly I want to honor my precious Father God, hold tight to my sweet brother Jesus as he leads, and thank God daily for the forever gift that keeps on giving the Holy Spirit that keeps on nudging

Luke 11:13 So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.”




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