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   Foster, Adopt, Mentor, Support

The FAMS Ministry at Paradise Alliance Church exists to assist those members of our church who are seeking to obey God’s command in James 1:27 to “look after orphans in their distress and to keep themselves from being polluted by the world.”


Our church recognizes that the cause of the weak and defenseless is near and dear to God’s heart, specifically orphans, widows, and the powerless (Zech 7:9-10, Isaiah 1:17; Matthew 25:31-46). We also recognize and affirm that “we are the body of Christ” and that the task of looking after orphans is a task for the whole body, with each part doing its part. By God’s design, the family lies at the center of this endeavor; the center of the family is the husband and wife; and Jesus Christ is the foundation. Families do not succeed alone and the effort to “care for orphans in their distress” is especially demanding and requires that parents draw strength from God and support from the wider church family. Not everyone can or should foster to adopt, but our church seeks to stand behind those who do more than mere words. The purpose of FAMS is to link supporters with those who need that support.


We have identified the following 5 areas of practical support:


  1. 1.    Date Night Childcare

It is imperative that the parents get some time alone to strengthen their marriage since the health if the marital relationship is crucial to the heath of the whole family.

  1. 2.    Mentor and Support Group

Our goal is that each of our Foster/Adopt families has a support network around them to offer prayer, encouragement, counsel, mentorship, a shoulder to lean on, and a listening ear. We want to give our parents a sense that they “are not alone.”

  1. 3.    Transportation
  • Unlicensed person cannot transport a child (licensed person can)
  • Unlicensed person can transport biological children.
  • This can be very helpful when Foster Parents have to make court dates, doctors appointments, etc as Foster Kids often have more appointments to keep than biological children.
  1. 4.    Sponsorship (scholarship)

A special scholarship fund kept by the church to help fund things beyond what the state provides for such as sports, dance, music, voice, drama, art, etc.

  1. 5.    Home Prep

The state has certain requirements that a home must meet in order to take in foster kids. This team would bring the home “up to code” on such things as…

  • Child proof meds, chemicals, and firearms
  • Install fire extinguishers; set max temperature on water heaters.
  • Secure/repair doors and windows, pool fences, etc.

 For information Call Carol Love at 916 817-0127