Rich in Love Book


Irene and Domingo Garcia were ready to escape their marriage but God was not willing to abandon them. Irene tells their story of healing, forgiveness, loss, resurrection, and what it means to find home. Their lives are an inspiration to anyone in tough circumstances and a beacon of hope to those who have none of their own.

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Yes, we are simple people, but we know one thing: God resurrects the broken things, the things that were dead–a heart, a marriage, a family. Trouble and difficulty often surround us. We are tired and worn out. We fall on our knees in a dark closet and plead with God for wisdom, for help in caring for so many broken children. And yet we are rich in love. God’s gifts don’t always come in ways we expect. But saying yes and accepting his gifts are the only ways for God to be the hero of the story. — Irene Garcia in Rich in Love

I love Domingo and Irene dearly. Godly, full of faith and joy, their lives have inspired mine as much as any couple I know. I am eternally grateful for the example they have set for my wife and me.  Francis Chan